clicksuccess managed sales funnels

clicksuccess managed sales funnels

What is clicksuccess? is a solution for network marketing teams. Team leaders can purchase custom sales funnels here which can be used free by their team members.

The project was started 2017 and is currently still in active development. At the moment, marketers can choose between landing pages with sign-up link to the promoted program or lead capture pages to collect emails of prospectives.

An internal newsletter (email to all team members) is included for free as well. More functions will follow in the near future.

Unlike other landing page providers, clicksuccess is perfect for users who don’t want to get involved in the technical process of setting up a sales funnel. The clicksuccess team will take care of the design and set up of the sales funnel, using layouts and funnels that have proven to convert.

By providing a custom landing page to their team, network marketers are not only creating an USP for themselves as leader, they also give their team members an easy to use tool to increase their sales. The ‘leader’ membership includes one sales funnel but more landing pages can be added later. The leader buys a package for a yearly fee and can then invite his downline to join for free.